Singing ice shelves

Seismic monitoring of the Ross ice shelf (Antarctica) has revealed ambient resonances at frequencies >5 Hz1. Winds blowing across the ice cause the shelf to sing. The sounds occur year-round and spectral peaks occur at a range of frequencies between 4 and 50 Hz with power exceeding 15 dB. The singing changes in response to... Continue Reading →

Environmental sound recordings from Patagonia

This demo track combines three environmental sound recordings from Patagonia - 1) a beach at the eastern end of Lago Buenos Aires (South America's second largest lake), 2) the River Baker (Chile's largest in terms of flow volume), and 3) wind at Chile Chico. So you can now listen to landscape sounds while reading our latest... Continue Reading →

Matthias Urban – Sial

Matthias Urban, an Austrian sound artist, has crafted an impeccable aural narrative documenting his travels in Iceland between 2013 and 2016. Sial1, in two 20 minute halves to fit this cassette release, takes an upstream journey from coast to inland glaciers, where we are witness to ice calving into a lake. Here, water molecules are... Continue Reading →

Deison e Mingle – Tiliaventum

Sediment flux is central to geomorphology - the amount and rate at which material is moved by water, ice and wind can tell us information about how landscapes function. In the Anthropocene increasing human disturbance can increase erosion rates and therefore sediment flux. Deison e Mingle provide an unusual example of this by including a... Continue Reading →

Metaphonics and Anthropophony

Last week, as part of MSc teaching on Holocene palaeoclimate, my students debated whether it was appropriate to ratify the Anthropocene as a new geological epoch. Key arguments in favour include humans altering the composition of the atmosphere, triggering biosphere collapse, and causing increased rates of sediment movement across the planet’s surface.  Through land use... Continue Reading →

Manu Delago – Parasol Peak

On Manu Delago’s Parasol Peak the landscape becomes more than just an inspiration – it is the performance space. Seven musicians set off from basecamp to record at seven locations on the path to Parasol Peak. I say path, but ropes and climbing gear are the order of the day on some of the exposed... Continue Reading →

Badass Geomorphology

      In 2015, American geomorphologist Jonathan D. Phillips published a peer-reviewed journal article entitled Badass Geomorphology, a manifesto for geoscientists to engage in a research style receptive to contraventional wisdom, and an approach to studying landforms and landscapes that can be appreciated both artistically and scientifically. Central to Phillips’ thesis is that landforms... Continue Reading →

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